Interview with A NOW Multi-Unit Franchise Entrepreneur

Owner of Multiple Franchises, Jason Bowman Discusses His Journey

Deep within the bustling streets of Chicago is a haven of tranquility and self-care owned and operated by The NOW Massage multi unit franchise owner, Jason Bowman. With a past in investment banking, Bowman decided to take a different approach to his future with a focus on wellness. With two open franchise locations and another in development, his instincts were right. The future is bright for Bowman and The NOW. Keep reading to learn more about his experience, and why The NOW Massage is the franchise opportunity you’ve been searching for.

Jason Allison Bowman

What is different about The NOW Massage franchise?

The people and the culture are definitely different from most franchise concepts. The aesthetic of The NOW Massage and its purpose, which is to actually help people, stood out to me.

What is the support like as a franchise owner?

The NOW franchise team is always helpful and willing to provide any amount of time to help address any concern. The people are what makes The NOW truly unique, and they have always been eager and willing to help solve any problem.

The NOW team helps instill the culture that makes this a unique business concept and brand, and invests time in each owner so they can be an ambassador of that culture to their team and community. They also provide all the resources required to create and grow a successful franchise location.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your experience with The NOW?

I’m really proud of the incredibly strong culture we have been able to build and foster in our locations. The culture of the brand is centered around really helping people, and to be able to bring that to my community makes me and my team very proud.

In addition to the amazing culture of The NOW, I’m also very proud of all the times we’ve been able to help our guests, to make them truly feel calm and comfortable, and to help them with a holistic approach. I also feel proud when I see a member of my team receive support and truly grow in their role. Through The NOW team, not only have I grown through more franchise locations, but my team has had the opportunity to further their skills, and that’s a testament to the support and culture that The NOW created.

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The NOW Massage stands as a testament to the transformative power of massage therapy and self-care in today’s society. From its inception, The NOW Massage has provided a respite for those seeking relief from the hustle and noise of everyday life. Through innovation, exceptional service, and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, The NOW Massage continues to redefine the wellness landscape.

As a franchise opportunity, The NOW Massage offers a proven business model, opportunities to scale, and a winning culture promoted by our holistic approach. To learn more about The NOW Massage and what the franchise opportunity entails, start here. If you’re ready to schedule a call about investing in The NOW Massage franchise, fill out our form here.

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